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Alumni Spotlight: Eleftherios Vlachogiannis

12 Apr 2024

WRITTEN BY Eleftherios Vlachogiannis
Head of Global Transaction Banking , Assistant General Manager, Eurobank
EMBA alumnus, class of 2020
Alumni Spotlight Eleftherios Vlachogiannis

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, staying ahead requires more than just experience—it demands continuous learning and adaptation. Alba Graduate Business School recognizes this need and has crafted a unique Executive MBA program tailored to the specific requirements of seasoned C-level executives. One such distinguished alumnus of this program is Eleftherios Vlachogiannis, Assistant General Manager and Head of Global Transaction Banking at Eurobank S.A.


The Alba Executive MBA Experience

Reflecting on his journey through the Alba Executive MBA program, Eleftherios shares his initial expectations. "I wanted to enrich both theoretically and practically my knowledge," he explains. "I sought exposure to cutting-edge theories, frameworks, and tools while interacting with professionals from diverse backgrounds." His desire for an up-to-date curriculum taught by seasoned experts was met with the Alba EMBA, where international faculty blend theoretical insights with practical experiences.

Structured for Success

Eleftherios emphasizes the program's structure as a key factor in its effectiveness. "The ALBA EMBA is ideally structured for its participants," he notes. With courses delivered on weekends, participants can approach classes with focus and freshness. This balance between theory and practice, coupled with the convenience of weekend sessions, ensures that executives can seamlessly integrate their learning into their busy professional lives.

Navigating Crises with Confidence

In today's volatile business environment, crisis readiness is paramount. Eleftherios attributes his preparedness to the EMBA journey. "The EMBA instilled in me the ability to prioritize, make quick decisions, and communicate effectively—essential skills for crisis management," he observes. By fostering a culture of feedback and evaluation, the program equips executives with the resilience and adaptability needed to navigate turbulent times.

Professional and Personal Transformation

The impact of the EMBA on Eleftherios's professional and personal life is profound. "It has equipped me with immediately applicable tools and a strategic mindset," he affirms. "The entrepreneurial approach instilled by the program has been instrumental in my role at Eurobank, especially in an industry undergoing rapid transformation." Beyond professional growth, Eleftherios highlights the invaluable network of peers and mentors forged during the program—a network he cherishes as a lifelong asset.


Eleftherios Vlachogiannis's journey exemplifies the transformative power of the Alba Executive MBA program. By fostering a dynamic learning environment, the program prepares executives like Eleftherios to thrive amidst uncertainty, lead with resilience, and drive innovation in their respective fields. As the business landscape continues to evolve, the Alba EMBA remains a beacon of excellence, empowering executives to shape the future of global business.



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