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Alumnae Spotlight: Women Excelling in the Alba Executive MBA Program

04 Mar 2024

WRITTEN BY Antonina Kalkavoura
Executive Director Corporate Affairs & Executive MBA
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We shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of our Alba Executive MBA (EMBA) alumnae. These individuals have navigated the demanding terrain of the EMBA journey with grace, determination, and unwavering resolve. Let's delve into their inspiring stories and celebrate their accomplishments as we honor the contributions of women in executive leadership. 


Iro Ferentinou: Leading with Intensity and Support 

EMBA ‘16 - Chief Operating & Transformation Officer at Pancreta Bank 


For Iro Ferentinou, embarking on the EMBA journey meant embracing intensive effort and drawing support from every corner. Balancing multiple roles and obligations, including study, research, and group work, was a testament to her unwavering commitment. Throughout her journey, she found solace in the supportive network provided by the Alba team, professors, and fellow students. This collective encouragement served as a safety net, enabling her to navigate the program's challenges while maintaining personal and professional equilibrium. 


Krystallia Petala: Sacrifice and Reward 

EMBA ‘18 - LCS Cardiology Modality & Senior Sales Manager Eastern Europe at GE Healthcare


Krystallia Petala's decision to pursue the Alba Executive MBA was fueled by a desire to accelerate her career trajectory. As a woman, employee, and mother, she knew that the path ahead would demand personal sacrifice and relentless determination. Despite facing sleepless nights and juggling responsibilities during air travel and weekends, Krystalla found the journey immensely rewarding. The support provided by the program, including flexible weekend courses and remote participation options, coupled with familial encouragement, propelled her toward success. 


Effie Bagourdi: Finding Balance and Camaraderie 

EMBA ‘20 - Managing Director at Nimaworks 


Effie Bagourdi recognized the inherent challenges of balancing professional, personal, and academic commitments as a senior-level professional. Yet, with a robust support system and the flexibility offered by the program, she discovered that balance could indeed be achieved. The camaraderie forged with fellow classmates, coupled with the program's emphasis on individualized support and weekend courses, fostered an environment conducive to growth and collaboration. 


Dimitra Kalantoni: Willpower and Innovation 

EMBA ‘20 - Founder / CEO Exelixi Zois


Dimitra Kalantoni's journey exemplifies the power of willpower and determination in achieving one's goals. Despite navigating a myriad of professional and family commitments, Dimitra remained steadfast in her pursuit of the EMBA dream. The program served as a catalyst for innovation and self-reflection, propelling her towards newfound creativity and professional excellence. 


Marianna Konstantinidi: Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Growth 

EMBA ‘16 - General Manager Greece, Cyprus & Malta at CSL Behring Hellas


For Marianna Konstantinidi, the Alba Executive MBA represented an opportunity to break away from the daily routine and gain fresh perspectives. Despite the challenges posed by balancing work, family, and academic pursuits, Marianna embraced the journey wholeheartedly. The program's comprehensive curriculum and the enriching exchange of ideas with fellow students enriched her professional acumen and paved the way for personal growth. 

The accomplishments of these women in executive leadership roles are truly impressive. They have shattered glass ceilings, challenged gender norms, and transformed industries through their bold ideas and strategic decision-making. Their success is a testament to the immense value women bring to leadership positions and the importance of creating opportunities for women to thrive.