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Empowering Women in Leadership: A Journey Through Alba's Executive MBA Program

04 Mar 2024

WRITTEN BY Antonina Kalkavoura
Executive Director Corporate Affairs & Executive MBA
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As we celebrate International Women's Day, it's crucial to acknowledge and empower women in leadership roles across various industries. In the realm of business education, institutions like Alba  are paving the way for female executives to thrive through programs like the Executive MBA (EMBA). Today, we delve into the insights of Antonina Kalkavoura, Ex. Director of the Executive MBA program, to understand how this program is shaping the future of female leadership. 


Who is the Alba Executive MBA aimed at? 

The Alba Executive MBA is tailored exclusively for executives with extensive experience and high levels of responsibility within their organizations. Whether they are C-level executives, directors, owners of family businesses, or leaders of large projects and teams, the program is designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of seasoned professionals. With a prerequisite of at least ten years of professional experience, the program caters to individuals seeking to enhance their skills and adapt to the evolving business landscape without disrupting their personal and professional lives. 

How is it different from other Executive MBA programs? 

What sets the Alba Executive MBA apart is its interactive teaching approach and emphasis on practical application. Through analysis of real-world case studies, role-playing, and simulation games, participants engage in dynamic learning experiences that bridge theory with practice. Unique courses like "Cultured Leader" foster creative leadership and strategic thinking through unconventional mediums such as jazz music compositions and theatrical plays. Moreover, the program's international faculty from renowned graduate business schools, such as Harvard, Wharton, LBS, NYU, INSEAD, etc., enrich the learning experience, providing diverse perspectives on global business challenges. 

The practical nature of the program is enhanced by the fact that there are no exams but individual assignments on issues facing the student's business, always in relation to the specific subject matter, so the program works in a consultative way, and the student can provide an immediate solution to their business. At the same time, through the capstone course entitled Creating Blue Ocean, students have the opportunity to conceive and implement a business idea, which may lead to the creation of a new department or activity within or outside the company. 

What are the main benefits that participants can gain from this degree? 

Participants of the Alba Executive MBA not only expand their professional network but also gain invaluable insights and skills essential for navigating complex business environments. From updating existing knowledge to acquiring new expertise, the program equips executives with the tools to drive innovation and productivity within their organizations. Furthermore, the opportunity to conceive and implement business ideas through the Creating Blue Ocean course empowers participants to lead transformative initiatives. 

What is the percentage of male and female representation among students? 

While the Alba Executive MBA class is composed of 20 carefully selected individuals, the gender distribution typically sees a 36% female representation. However, efforts are underway to increase female participation in future cohorts. 

Why is the percentage of women attending lower than that of men? 

Modern women are called upon to play multiple roles. Despite advancements in gender equality, women still face challenges balancing professional responsibilities with personal commitments. The decision to pursue higher education, especially for C-Suite executives, requires careful consideration and often entails overcoming barriers such as time constraints and societal expectations. 

Considering her personal and professional obligations and challenges, is it easy for a woman to complete the program? How can Alba and other participants support her on this journey? 

The Alba Executive MBA program is tailor-made for C-Suite executives facing time constraints. Designed to integrate into their busy schedules seamlessly, it serves not as a hindrance but as a catalyst for renewal and growth. The program offers unwavering support for women executives considering enrollment to address any challenges or doubts they may encounter during their studies. Our personalized approach ensures that each individual receives tailored solutions to navigate their academic journey successfully. Furthermore, the program's structure fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among participants, creating a supportive ecosystem wherein professionals work together towards common objectives while also nurturing individual growth. It's crucial to recognize that this level of support for female Executive MBA students is exceptional and shouldn't be taken for granted. A testament to this is the remarkable achievement of female students who, despite the added responsibilities of motherhood, have consistently managed to complete the program without interruption. This tangible demonstration of resilience and success underscores the effectiveness of our approach and the commitment to empowering women in leadership roles. 

In conclusion, the Alba Executive MBA stands as a beacon of empowerment for women in leadership, offering a transformative educational experience that transcends traditional boundaries. As we celebrate Women's Day, let us continue to champion diversity and inclusion in all spheres of society, propelling the next generation of female leaders toward unprecedented heights of success.