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Unveiling the Artistry of Finance: Educating Minds to Analyze Rationally and Interpret Creatively

21 May 2024

WRITTEN BY Alexandros Maglaras
General Manager-CIO, Triton Asset Management
Alba MBA Alumnus
HS triton

Asset management is both a science and an art. Like a science, all the facts are clear and readily accessible to all interested parties. Investment managers scientifically leverage abundant datasets and metrics to monitor, predict, and analyze the market. But the art of making sound investment decisions requires more than measuring and modelling data. Like an art, it involves a departure from cold scientific judgment, toward a multidisciplinary interpretation of data, trends, macroeconomics, geopolitics and herd psychology, while accounting for risk and uncertainty. The goal of a MSc Finance should be to prepare future professionals to analyze with rationality and interpret with creativity.


At the same time, today’s students, more then ever, will have to face an industry in transition. A graduate education must empower them to understand how current trends are re-shaping the industry, introducing new challenges and opportunities respectively. These include the increasing necessity for technological proficiency in data-driven research, the digitalization of customer relations, the implications of passive versus active investments, the growing relevance of ESG, the long term-effects of geopolitical shifts on markets and the popularization of financial product innovations. Each trend demands a distinct set of skills and know-how.


This is where an advanced education like an MSc in Finance becomes crucial. Courses such as Financial Data Analysis with Python, Corporate Finance & Valuation, Portfolio Management, Financial Risk Management, Fintech, Equity Valuation, and Credit Risk Modeling are pivotal in equipping students with a wide range of technical skills, while classes like Business Writing, Presentation Skills Workshop, as well as summer internships, group projects, and the constant interaction with like-minded peers and professors will instill in students soft-skills that will make them stand out in the workplace.


At Triton Asset Management, promoting access to education is part of our DNA. We see education as a crucial driver for social progress and equity, and we are excited to have the opportunity of working together with Alba in offering this scholarship. We hope that the Triton Expendable Scholarship will provide 2 prospective Alba MSc Finance graduates with the tools and knowledge to practice the art and science of investing as they embark on a fulfilling career in asset management.


As a proud graduate of the Alba P-MBA program (Class of 2006), I am deeply honored to return to my alma mater with the opportunity of enabling future students to enjoy the transformative experience I had. Even though my studies as a P-MBA involved evening classes after a long workday and a lengthy commute to Vouliagmeni where classes were held, the structured and professional approach of our professors sparked an enduring curiosity in me. I had a good relationship with the Dean, the faculty, and the rest of the alba team, who were always quick to offer their guidance generously. Studying alongside peers from varied academic backgrounds broadened my perspective, equipping me for the diverse challenges of the business world. The professionalism with which each course was conducted has stayed with me, as has the rich network of friends and colleagues I built there. Almost two decades later, I still revisit many of the business principles—and some of the books in our curriculum, like 'Getting to Yes'—which remain integral to my daily professional life. Through this scholarship, I hope to extend these crucial opportunities that have so greatly shaped my career and personal growth to others.

CTA Triton Scholarship


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