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Adapting to New Modes of Learning

19 Apr 2022

WRITTEN BY Axarloglou Kostas
Professor Of International Business and Strategy


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Adapting to New Modes of Learning-1

COVID-19 brought unprecedented global challenges -- reshaping all aspects of human life and was a catalyst for educational change. In the wake of the first lockdown in Greece, Alba saw this disruption as an opportunity to reshape our learning modes to cover students’ needs. In a matter of 10 days, we transitioned from classroom teaching to online learning.

Despite this difficult experience, we learned how important it is to be agile and adaptable, qualities that we try to promote to our students. We realized that Alba needed to create new ways of teaching since not all of our students are the same. We understood that the responsibility of an academic institution is to adapt its academic programs to help our students develop skills and become lifelong learners.



Lifelong Learning

Business professionals need to adapt to the changing world of work, driven by globalization and disruptive technology. They need to upskill to remain attractive to current and prospective employers. In such a climate, Alba has a responsibility to support professionals in their lifelong learning process. By continuously adapting and updating our academic programs, we enable students to develop skills and knowledge that will ensure they stay ahead of the game when it comes to employability. As industries evolve, investing in lifelong learning guarantees that our students have the up-to-date knowledge and skills to adapt to any industry changes, have a competitive edge and remain relevant and resilient.

Alba currently offers the following to cover the academic needs of our students who have professional responsibilities, personal obligations and demand progress:

  • Three diverse modes of learning, traditional classroom setting, 100% online and hybrid, reaching a larger audience outside of Athens and internationally.
  • The student is in the driver’s seat. All our modes of learning are student-centered. Since life is unexpected and there could be disruptions at any time, students can pick and choose whatever mode works best for them.
  • Alba professors help students get the most out of their learning experience.
  • Promote a culture of faculty research to facilitate the continuous transfer of knowledge and skills to students.
  • Advisory board members from the business industry advise Alba about the skills and knowledge students need to succeed. Academic programs constantly change so we can be current with the times.

In whatever we do, Alba prioritizes providing academic excellence, innovations in management, and transforming our students to become lifelong learners and industry leaders.


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